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Today’s Parenting Dilemma

I’m down for the count today–a gorgeous, sunny, in the high 60s kind of a day–with an awful case of “the cold,” as my 4-year-old describes it. (If “the cold” is like two dozen little elves in my head, poking my ears with spears, ...Read More

Happy Weekend, 3.3.17

Happy weekend, friends! Here’s my current parenting dilemma. Last night, I sat in on my son’s music lesson. He’s been working on mastering the guitar for a few months now, and it’s been a pleasure to watch him learn chords and notes, putting together ...Read More

Happy Weekend, 2.17.17

Happy weekend, friends. I love this photo by Arthur Stieglitz, taken in 1907 on a boat en route from New York to Germany. Titled The Steerage, it is hailed as one of the greatest photographs of all time, due to its subject matter, documentary ...Read More

Happy Weekend, 2.10.17

Happy weekend, friends! Yesterday, I posted a question to Facebook: What do you do when you misplace something in your house? Do you have a ritual to track down whatever has gone astray? And, are you the “finder”—the person who can locate anything—in your ...Read More