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Red Shutters in India

What’s on your to do list this week? Mine looks a little like this: Take last dose of typhoid vaccine. Finish book club book (we’re reading “The Dress Lodger”). Add reminder to take malaria prophylaxis to calendar. Purchase 230 Volts/50 Hz electrical adapter. Backup ...Read More

What I’m Loving Right Now

Photo credit: Boston at night, seen from Piers Park via photopin (license)  I’m writing this post from the center of an enormous hotel bed, white sheets and deep pillows surrounding me. It’s one of the perks of business trips—a room all to myself with ...Read More


  Travel the World with Red Shutters The travel bug bit me hard in my twenties. Before then I had been outside of the United States for choir trip in high school (Austria and Italy) and around the country with family (Colorado, California, Hawaii). ...Read More