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Oh, Potato

I could hear a barking noise. It was unnatural, loud, close. I slipped back under the waves. The barking was me; it was the noise I was making as I tried to get air into my lungs. I pushed up through the water. I ...Read More

Paris, Part 1

Our fifth anniversary trip to Paris was wonderful. Finally, I got to see the iconic, romantic, historic, and oh so glamorous City of Light. Merci beaucoup to my fabulous husband for spearheading the arrangements and for finally making sure I could cross “go to ...Read More

Bye Bye Binky

In my drafts folder, I found a post I started several months ago about the transition off of the binky for Robby. I can’t believe I never finished it! We were so happy he said good-bye to it. Truth be told, I was really ...Read More

"Where God go?"

When I came home from church this morning, my son and I had the following conversation: “Mommy, you go to church?” asked R. “Yes,” I answered. “Why, Mommy?” “To thank God.” “Where God go, Mommy?” he asked, gazing around the room. “God at church?” ...Read More