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Birthday Reflections

Two days ago found me in the parking lot of an outdoor store—one of those chains that sells everything from Go Pros and hiking books to mountain climbing equipment and all weather socks. I wore a fluorescent yellow vest and a black helmet and ...Read More

Rear Views

Recently, I was riding in a friend’s car, and she said how, since her car has a back-up camera, she never used her rear view mirror. The camera worked just fine showing her who’s behind her, making the mirror superfluous. I may have stopped ...Read More


When I was in fourth or fifth grade, I made a little mouse during the ceramics unit in art class.  He was modeled on a character in a book I had just read. No amount of Googling can help me remember the book, but ...Read More

G is 3!

Dearest G, You are three years old today, my love! Happy birthday! On this birthday, the start of a year when you will transition from toddler to preschooler, I am pausing to share my thoughts on where you are and what I hope life ...Read More


Even my daughter’s freaked out about my birthday.  Hello 40! How are ya?I’m great, thanks for asking. Let’s get a few things straight. I’m not happy about you’re here, but I’ve decided to embrace your arrival. I’m going to stop whining about being older and ...Read More

Poetry Monday: Elusive Time

With so much angst and attention in my life about the passage of time, it’s inevitable that today’s poetry selection is about time and its rapid disappearance…. Elusive TimeBy James Laughlin In love it may be dangerousto reckon on time to count on it ...Read More