Happy Weekend, 3.3.17

music-lessonsHappy weekend, friends!

Here’s my current parenting dilemma. Last night, I sat in on my son’s music lesson. He’s been working on mastering the guitar for a few months now, and it’s been a pleasure to watch him learn chords and notes, putting together songs. He loves being able to play an instrument, but he has to work hard at each step in the process. I keep encouraging him—not because I think he’ll write the next Hamilton (though I’d love it if he did!)—but because these lessons are such an important part of life. He’s at the right age to learn that, sometimes, you have to work hard to get what you want. You may have to work really hard to get what you want. Really, really hard. It can be a tough lesson for a kid (adults, too) to accept. I keep hoping the beautiful music he’s playing inspires him to keep going, but I wonder if I could do more for him. Have you been through this with your kids? How did you help them keep the motivation going?

In other news, I’m here today to share writing I’ve found during my journey around the Internet. I hope this selection sends you off to the weekend feeling inspired.

-This is one of the best parenting tips I’ve ever read.

-Speaking of parenting, do you use these phrases when talking with your kids?

-When do girls lose interest in STEM? And how to make sure that doesn’t happen?

-Flint residents still don’t have drinkable water, but they have to pay for it anyway.

-We’re LEGO-obsessed in my house, and I’m looking forward to adding this set to our collection.

-I’m fascinated by unschooling and wondered about the long-term impact; here’s some data that indicates unschooled kids turn out great.

-What an amazing man: a foster father who cares for terminally ill kids no one else wants

This article blames the US’s current political divide squarely on the shoulder of the Baby Boomers. Do you agree?

-This website makes political activism incredibly easy.

-I’ve not (yet) finished my seven-year-old daughter’s baby book; this article makes me feel (a little) better about that.

-Comeuppance comes in many forms, including advice columns.

#3 is my favorite, with #6 a close second.

-Easter is coming, and here’s a fun table centerpiece idea—just don’t eat it.

-Meet five Japanese-American women left out of US history books.

-This “Nevertheless, She Persisted” is for mothers.

-I listened to this poet and my break broke a little.

Wishing you a weekend filled with beautiful music and your own poetic moments,

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