Happy Weekend, 3.11.17

princess bride

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Happy weekend, friends!

I’m posting this piece from Vermont where my family has escaped, with friends, for a weekend of skiing (which is why it’s a day late–apologies!). Except it’s negative 20 degrees outside. So, we’ve scrapped plans for skiing down wind-swept hills, and instead the adults are drinking too much coffee in front of a crackling fire and the kids are still in their pajamas, watching “The Princess Bride” (hence the image above; isn’t it great?). Everyone is secretly happy, I think, to have chosen warmth over the chance of frostbite. I’m impressed with how well the kids responded to the change in plans, though I suspect by 2 PM, we’ll all be a little stir crazy.

I also just learned that the Boston area is bracing for another snowstorm; 12 to 18 inches of snow and sleet are expected mid-week. Winter in New England never seems to end.

The other thing that doesn’t end? How much good stuff there is out there to read and think about. I’m here to share writing I’ve found during my journey around the Internet this week. I hope this selection sends you off to the weekend feeling inspired.

–You can extend International Women’s Day to every day by supporting these female-owned businesses.

–How successful people do more in 24 hours than the rest of us do in a week

–“What this girl represents is the present, but also the future…She’s not angry at the bull — she’s confident, she knows what she’s capable of, and she’s wanting the bull to take note.”

–My daughter came home from school earlier this week, complaining about the substitute teacher who had covered for her teacher (her chief grip: the sub wasn’t her teacher). Being a sub can be challenging, and this organization is working to improve their contributions to schools.

–Can you tell what’s fake news? Facebook is now trying to help users distinguish the truth from fiction.

–Meet the rock star librarians who choose what your kids read.

–What happened when one school banned homework

–“We are in essence not just highlighting the disparity but bringing more focus to women’s books.”

–Teaching kids about money via the $100 allowance

–Do you re-read books? I have a few I return to year after year, and now, thanks to Goodreads, I can track those very special books.

Meet the women behind several of our national parks

Wishing you a warm and cozy weekend,