Happy Weekend, 2.3.17

Happy weekend, friends! Who was it that said the days are long but the years are short? I feel that way about this past week: it sped by without me realizing it. Now, we’re back again at the weekend.

My weekend is bookended by sports: my kids at basketball and the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl. I am not a football person at all, but it’s obligatory to cheer on the Pats if you live in New England, so I’ll be in front of the television on Sunday, hoping for another win and enjoying the cool commercials (speaking of which, have you seen this one from Audi?). Will you be watching? If so, who will you rooting for?

Here’s writing I’ve found this week through my jumps around the Internet. I share them in the hopes they send you off into the weekend inspired and aware.


— Have you seen this beautiful photo from a protest against the immigration ban? The story behind it reminds us that we’re all in this together.

Nuccio DiNuzzo

Chicago Tribune photographer Nuccio DiNuzzo captured a powerful moment between two fathers and their children at a protest at O’Hare International Airport. Copyright: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune

Second, some political pieces…

— Have you called your elected officials to share your opinions about developments in Washington, DC? It can be intimidating, right? Here’s a guide to help you make those calls.

— Looking for your senator’s phone number? Here’s a handy list of the office phone numbers of all of the members of the US Senate.

— Want to write to your elected officials but not sure how to do it or what to say? Here’s a kit for reaching Congressional leadership.

— An idea of a national strike is floating around the Internet. Would you participate?

— The news is relentless these days—and it can be overwhelming. Here’s how you can stay outraged without losing your mind.

— Speaking of news, how do we know what’s the truth—or what’s an “alternative fact”? Follow these guidelines. 

Finally, some writing to counterbalance the stress of all that news…

“What are you reading?”

— Not all hate needs to shared; sometimes, empathy can win.

— A friend who is mom of five once shared her best suggestion for gift giving: give experiences not things. It keeps the clutter down, and it expands kids’ points of view. One of the best experiences is travel.

— Americans are more scared of terrorism than guns, even though guns kill more often. Why?

— What does it mean to be a refugee? It’s important our kids understand what the life of a refugee is like, and these books can help you explain it to the kids in your life.

— This is a clear-cut explanation of privilege.

— Want to learn about an inspiring person? How about an 11-year-old girl who is working to eliminate the backlog of untested rape kits.

— Some US colleges have more students from the top one percent than the bottom 60. Find yours.

Wishing you a weekend filled of touchdowns and big wins,