Happy Weekend, 2.24.17

happy weekendHappy weekend, friends!

I’m writing this blog post from vacation, atop a snowy mountain. My family is outside in the hot tub, warm despite the cold temperatures. This week, we are skiing, eating way too many French fries, sleeping deeply, and catching up with friends and family. Yet, for me, the best part of the time away was (very, very early) yesterday morning when my kids climbed into bed with my husband and me to tell us about their dreams. These dreams were very elaborate with details that only could come from the minds of fully awake children, trying to out do one another with their imaginations. As they spun their tales, we listened to one another in the dark, our arms and legs bumping against one another. For a moment, time stood still. It was bliss.

I haven’t forgotten you, despite my travels! I’m here today to share writing I’ve found during my journey around the Internet. I hope this selection sends you off inspired and aware.

A Lego kit of your face?! My kids would love this.

Meet 12 badass female scientists.

–How “K disease” saved Jews during World War II

–Plastics don’t break down; the only solution is recycle them into something else and cut down our usage. Reducing use is easier than you think.

–I spent a lot of time cleaning out my mother’s house last year, so this article (“Nobody wants your parents’ stuff”) really hit home.

Star Wars 40th anniversary figurines? I know what my son (and maybe my brother) is getting for Christmas.

–Have you read any of these “unputdownable” books? I haven’t, but they are going on my to-read list.

–Do you know about the “Security Princess”? She shows how hacking can be positive.

–“Across the United States, black infants die at a rate that’s more than twice as high as that of white infants. The disparity is acute in a number of booming urban areas, from San Francisco—where black mothers are more than six times as likely to lose infants as white mothers—to Washington, DC. In the capital’s Ward 8, which is the poorest in the city and over 93 percent black, the infant-mortality rate is 10 times what it is in the affluent, predominantly white Ward 3.”

–I’ve been mostly out of the loop on news this week (a plus of being on vacation), which made this article about one journalist’s effort to have a week of Trump-free news particularly relevant.

–“Google can bring you 100,000 answers but a librarian can bring you the right one.”

–My friend, Thien-Kim, of the I’m Not the Nanny blog makes my mouth water with her amazing recipes, including this one for an easy chicken PHỞ GA, that I am so inspired to try.

–1 out of 3 American adults have prediabetes; here’s a way to find out if you are one of them.

Wishing you a weekend filled with quiet moments and good health,