Happy Weekend, 2.17.17

The Steerage

“The Steerage,” Alfred Stieglitz, Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1933, courtesy of The Met

Happy weekend, friends.

I love this photo by Arthur Stieglitz, taken in 1907 on a boat en route from New York to Germany. Titled The Steerage, it is hailed as one of the greatest photographs of all time, due to its subject matter, documentary focus, and geometric composition.

What I like most about the photo is the possibility it presents. Stieglitz captured a moment—he took only one photo of the scene—of people in transition. Who are these travelers? Are they going home? Are they emigrating to Europe, or had they been turned away from entering the United States? What lies ahead for them?

Art provides these openings in our lives: to see new paths and new ways through the world, to provide connection, or to find possibility. Now, more than ever, when so much is uncertain in our world, we need to find space for celebrating art and the artists.

As we approach the weekend, I’m sharing writing I’ve found during my journey around the Internet this week. I share this selection in the hopes it sends you off inspired and aware.

First, for the resistance

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—How bookstores and libraries are fostering protests against the Trump administration

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—This 1939 sit-in is a lesson for 2017

Second, for the parents

—Want to raise empowered girls? Start in middle school.

The story of a kids’ basketball team that stood up for its teammates

—Do you agree with this list of ways to raise independent kids?

—I loved seeing my go-to question (who did you sit with at lunch?) on this list

Third, for everyone who care about the environment (which should be all of us)…

Extraordinary levels of toxins found in the Mariana Trench

Here’s a reason why cancer rates are on the rise

How coders saved earth science data

And, let’s end with some fun

Guess which of my favorite Christmas movies is getting a sequel?

How Parisian women really eat (hint: no daily chocolate croissants)

Wishing you a weekend filled with new pathways and unexpected moments,