Happy Weekend, 2.10.17


“Nevertheless, she persisted.” Created by Courtney Privett @courtneyprivett

Happy weekend, friends!

Yesterday, I posted a question to Facebook: What do you do when you misplace something in your house? Do you have a ritual to track down whatever has gone astray? And, are you the “finder”—the person who can locate anything—in your family? I am, so when I can’t find something that’s missing, I am extremely frustrated. It feels like I’ve let everyone down.

Friends chimed in with advice: say a prayer to St. Anthony, walk away from the problem and come back to it tomorrow, have a glass of wine, or bribe the kids to find it. And, everyone commiserated. I did a little digging and found out that losing things is common (though we can combat it); it’s part of getting older—and having way too much going on.

I never did find the missing item, but I’m hopeful it will turn up—once I stop thinking about it, that is.

As we approach the weekend, I’m sharing writing I’ve found during my journey around the Internet this week. I share them in the hopes they send you off inspired and aware.

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Wishing you a cozy and comfortable weekend,