Red Shutters in 2016

…And, now, it’s 2017.

I’ll add my voice to the chorus of people who were thrilled that 2016 was over. So, so, so thrilled. It was a rough year for me, and I am glad to be on the other side. Oddly enough, though, even with a year of difficulty, there was good. I’m holding onto that goodness so I can look to 2016 without complete despair (there’s an optimist in me!).

Red Shutters chugged along during 2016. I wrote about topics of interest to me—and you, too, from what I can tell from your comments and blog visits. I wrote about books, travel, parenting, fun family events, and more. You came here and you read, and, for that, I am grateful.

top 6 most read posts in 2016
Interestingly, the top six most read Red Shutters posts in 2016 weren’t all from 2016; some 2015 favorites still bubbled up to the topic. That top six included:

  1. Oh My Yog!, That’s Good! (March 2015)
  2. Unexpected News (February 2016)
  3. 6 Lessons from Being a Field Trip Chaperone (February 2015)
  4. What It’s Like to Get Chemotherapy (May 2016)
  5. The End of Chemotherapy (June 2016)
  6. Hair Loss and Chemotherapy (April 2016)

In addition to two of my most popular parenting posts, you gravitated to writing about my cancer diagnosis and treatment. I get that. It was, after all, the most impactful event of my life in 2016, and you were there for me. The blog post comments, the emails, and the other contacts via social media meant so much. They were part of the network of support I needed. Thank you. Thank you. 

Many of you jumped on the Red Shutters team by following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I find Instagram to be the most fun, and my kids do, too. They like to snuggle under the covers with me, watching cake decorating videos. I grab those moments as often as I can (thanks, Instagram!); for if I have learned anything from 2016, it’s that we should fill our lives with more that fuels our soul and makes us happy.

What’s ahead in 2017?

Good things, I hope. For me, for you, for all of us. More living with toleration and connection, more being there for one another. More forgiveness, more kindness, more respect. More accepting differences and honoring one another. More making choices that keep us healthy and engaged. More living fully. I am hoping 2017 brings us all moments to celebrate.

And, in 2017, there will be more Red Shutters, too. Thanks for being here, friends.