Being Supported by Meal Delivery Service The Foodery

Disclosure: This was post was sponsored by The Foodery. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Red Shutters

Back in June, a message popped up in my email inbox:

My name is Mike, and I’m co-founder of The Foodery – our company crafts and delivers nourishing meals for families all over the Boston area.  We make our foods with a focus on local, organic and sustainable ingredients so they’re good for our bodies and the planet!

I came across your blog today and was deeply inspired by the courage you’re displaying in your current battle with cancer and your willingness to share your story with others…. I realize you have a lot going on at the moment, but The Foodery family would like to treat your family to dinners on us.  This will give you, your husband and mother-in-law a break from cooking and free up your time for more fun time with the kids.… We hope our nourishment will come in handy.  We’re sending good vibes your way and wishing you continued strength and courage!  Eat Well!

I was in the middle of radiation—which is surprisingly tiring—and was touched by the offer. To that point, I had received support—prayers, cards, food, warm blankets, chocolate, books, cozy hats, and more—from family and friends, but a stranger reaching out was new.

Meal delivery Boston The Foodery

Tuscan Braised Chicken with White Bean Ragu

One of the best pieces of advice I received when I was first diagnosed was not to turn down an offer of help, so I happily said “thank you” and ordered three meals for my family. They arrived at my house on the arm of a smiling delivery person, and kept my family fed for several days. The food was organic and varied—from a protein-filled salad to enchiladas—and we all declared it delicious.

A few months later, I was approached again by The Foodery; this time, I was asked to review the site for Red Shutters. I happily jumped at the invitation, knowing already that their food is high-quality and their mindset is kind.

This time, I ordered the Tuscan Braised Chicken with White Bean Ragu and Turkey Sausage Kale Pasta Bake for my family. I ordered two portions of each, which fed my family of four for two dinners. I loved the pasta bake; it was a perfect comfort food. The kids liked the chicken, making it disappear quickly.

Meal delivery Boston The Foodery

Turkey Sausage Kale Pasta Bake

The Foodery’s menu changes weekly, which gives users a chance to try all different types of food. They use a number of proteins, including fish, chicken, and beef, and work with local vendors. Potential allergens are listed in each meal’s description, so those looking to avoid dairy or wheat can order accordingly. Each meal is delivered in recyclable packaging, with cooking instructions printed on the lid. Prices for The Foodery meals are $25 and up per portion. Each order is a minimum of $50. Users can place their orders by Thursday at 10 AM for a delivery on Sunday between 5 PM and 8 PM.

Those looking for meal delivery service in the Boston area should check out The Foodery. It’s a great resource for family and friends who are facing illnesses, welcoming a new baby, or seeking a break from cooking. Red Shutters readers can receive 20% off their first order by using the code RedShuttersEatWell2016.