What I’m Loving Right Now

what I'm loving right nowPhoto credit: Boston at night, seen from Piers Park via photopin (license) 

I’m writing this post from the center of an enormous hotel bed, white sheets and deep pillows surrounding me. It’s one of the perks of business trips—a room all to myself with a bed I’d bring home with me if I could (though I have the sense part of what makes a hotel room bed so great is that it’s in a hotel).

My “business trip” is an Uber ride away from my house, where the organization I work for is hosting its annual conference. I’m staying in a hotel because the days are long, and any extra time I can carve out will be spent in that enormous bed, trying to catch up on my sleep, the lights of the city sparkling outside my window. Thousands of people from 31 countries will converge tomorrow upon the convention center for four days of intense learning and connecting. It takes about one year to plan one of these conferences, and it’s a complex, complicated project that is rewarding to see come together.

Another perk of business trips is time spent with colleagues and friends. I had dinner with colleagues tonight, two women I’ve known for more than 10 years and whom I find delightful, warm, and smart. They talked about how they send people in their offices to conferences like the one my employer sponsors, with the directive to talk to new people, to find someone to call should they have professional questions, and to come back with one new idea to implement. They don’t tell them to come back with dozens of ideas—just one that could make a big difference. I found that intriguing; what they really are advising is to shake up your thinking, look at what you do (at work, with your family, anywhere) differently. And perhaps that difference will show a new direction forward. There’s much to think about there.

Here’s more to think about, friends—some things I’m loving right now:

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–A new consideration for philanthropy: the gay community

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–Do you follow Humans of New York? The stories, including this one, are addictive and compelling.

I hope this week brings you comfort, friendship, and sparkly views.

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