TED Talks to Listen to Today

Editor’s Note: My heart aches for Paris, for Beirut, for all of those left unmoored and fearful because of hate and violence. I, and so many others, hope for a world of peace and understanding. 

A highlight of the conference I’ve been attending this week has been spending time learning: listening to experts, thinking about important issues, talking with colleagues. My brain is on overdrive; it’s a great feeling.

I heard two speakers who had particularly engaging points of view, and fortunately for you and me, they also have TED Talks–so you can hear from them, too.

Harvard economist Sendhil Mullainathan examines a number of issues from big data to decision-making. In his TED Talk, he takes on how we solve (or don’t solve) social problems.

Physician and clinical researcher Boghuma Kabisen Titanji works to address the mechanisms of HIV transmission and antiretroviral drug resistance. In her TED Talk, she examines how to protect those most affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Any other TED Talks you’ve enjoyed? Tell me in the comments!