Capturing Memories with Canvas Pop (Giveaway!)

Another giveaway?!! I know–crazy! This one is perfect for the holidays, friends. Read on for a fun giveaway from Canvas Pop!


Eleven years ago, my husband took me on a surprise trip to Scotland to celebrate our engagement. He planned the entire trip himself; all I had to do was pack my suitcase. Despite figuring out our destination a few weeks before we left (I asked a lot of questions), I was moved by all the care he put into designing our trip. We spent time in Glasgow and Edinburgh and headed into the Highlands to explore Scotland’s gorgeous landscape. It was one of my favorite trips ever, and I remember that time as romantic and hopeful. It was a start of our life together, in a way, and it also started a love affair for me with that country.

At some point during our drive through the western Highlands, we stopped along side the road to hike and take in the view. We snapped a photo, our camera perched on a rock, as we stood in front of a loch, the name of which neither one of us can remember. We look so young in this photo! And happy. That’s what’s I love most about it.

scotland_red_shuttersJump ahead to 2015. We’ve been married for a decade now, and while we’re still very happy together, how we define romance has changed dramatically. Case in point: two months ago was our ten-year wedding anniversary and I completely missed out on getting my husband a gift. Granted, I had a lot going on, but still, I have felt awful that I didn’t celebrate this milestone with a present for him (especially he bought me something amazing).

The folks at Canvas Pop, however, saved me from my guilt. They invited me to try out their services by having a photo of my choice blown up, matted, and framed. What a great idea! What a great gift for my husband! I said yes.

The question of which photo to select caused a dilemma. I wanted something that tied back to the early days in our relationship, so I went through pictures from when we were dating, our wedding, and our honeymoon. I selected some I liked, putting them aside in folder on my desktop. Then, I recalled our trip to Scotland. I went through those, added a few more from that trip to the folder and had my husband take a look.

“Remember this?” I asked, scrolling through the folder of photographs of us pre-kids, in the days of more sleep and more free time. He smiled, and we looked at the pictures, reminiscing. He pointed to the ones from Scotland with a special fondness, and I knew I had found my Canvas Pop pic.

It was super easy to order my photo: I sent it into Canvas Pop, requested a black frame, and trusted in their techs to pull everything together. (Seriously, it was that easy.) A week later, an enormous box arrived at my house, and my husband and kids placed it in our dining room. That evening, as I bustled about emptying kids’ backpacks, making school lunches, and cleaning up from dinner, my husband came into the room.

“Hey, what’s in that box?” he inquired, as he went to take out the trash.

“Oh that? That’s your anniversary present.”

He left the trash behind and went to open the box. Nobody wants to wait for surprises!

As he cut open the box and peeled back the wrapping (our picture was well-protected!), I started to feel a bit goofy. Such a large photo of us? That’s a bit silly, isn’t it? Then, my husband realized what the picture was and got the loveliest smile on his face. All of sudden, we were back in Scotland, celebrating the fact I said yes to his invitation to marry him. The picture was perfect.

The framing and matting of our special photo is a great quality, and it looks terrific. The photo comes with hanging hardware, too. Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect place to place the picture—if only Canvas Pop could figure that out for me, too!

The folks at Canvas Pop have two offers for Red Shutters readers. Whether you have a belated anniversary present to deliver, or want to get something for yourself, Canvas Pop is offering a discount code and a giveaway.

canvas pop

Discount Code: All Red Shutters readers will receive a 35% discount on any order on the Canvas Pop website. The discount code is REDSHUTTERS35 and it expires December 31, 2015. Perfect for holiday shopping!

Giveaway: Canvas Pop is giving one lucky reader a free 16 x 20 framed photo paper print with the 2.5″ white mat. This giveaway includes the cost of shipping to Canada, the USA, and the European Union.  The drawing for this giveaway ends November 19, 2015 at 10 PM ET. Enter here.


Disclosure: I received a complimentary framed print from Canvas Pop. All ideas and opinions in this post are, as always, mine.