Spam Me, Baby

My friend Cheryl runs the blog Busy Since Birth and today she shared a funny post featuring a sample of the spam she receives on her site. I, too, have my share of blog spam—it’s a normal occurrence for a blogger—and thought you’d like to take a peek at what is directed to Red Shutters.

The blog spam I receive appears as comments people are trying to post to my site, with the goal of filling up my site with bad links that will send readers to other sites that may be home to viruses and other maliciousness. As a result, I don’t allow any comments to be posted to Red Shutters until I have reviewed and approved them. It’s a time consuming safeguard but one that helps protect my blog.

I should explain that I can’t be sure that the spam is from a person. Some sort of computer program, designed to hit sites with seemingly real comments over and over and over, very well could be the source of these comments. Either way, it’s annoying.

I organize my spam into five categories:

1) Translation, please!
I get my share of spam in different languages—Russian and Chinese are the most popular. Since I don’t speak either (though I can say “hello” and “thank you” in Chinese and “please” and “I don’t know” in Russian), I automatically send these comments to the spam folder of my blog.

2) Can’t Give Up
This spam thinks I don’t pay attention; they repeat day after day, comment after comment. The phrasing is similar in multiple comments, and each tries to distract me with compliments (“this is the best site in the world”). The positive feedback is nice, but when it’s followed by entreaties to “fix my laptop” or “follow this diet to lose 10 pounds” or “buy oakley sunglasses,” they lose their credibility.

3) Get Linky With It
Spam with links to unknown websites and YouTube videos arrives in my inbox every other day. This must work on someone, right?

4) Pharmacy Connections
So many spams sell medicines (especially Cialis). Again, this must work on someone, right?

5) Junk, Junk, and More Junk
The rest is all miscellaneous messages that rarely make much sense. A sampling…

From Everett: “Nice post. I understand something more difficult on various blogs everyday. It will continually be stimulating to see content from different writers and exercise something from their website.”

From heroes charge hack download: “AMAZING Post.thanks for share.more wait.”

From free amazon gift cards: “You need to be a part of a competition for just one of the greatest websites on the web. I will recommend this website!”

From Getinvolved: “I would not actually recognize how I personally appeared below, however I thought this distribute used to be good…elliott wave theory basics I really don’t understand what you are yet absolutely you will a well-know doodlekit should you are certainly not presently. Cheers!”

I’d prefer comments actually related to my blog posts, of course! These do make a laugh a bit, which really is so bad after all.


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