A Trip to Ikea (Without Kids!)

trip to ikeaToday, I did a very decadent thing: I took the day off of work (it was a well-earned day of relaxation) and headed to Ikea with a friend who blogs at Genghis Mom. On a weekday. Without kids.

Typically, Ikea is an over-the-top all day affair, where I battle through traffic, park in the hinterlands, and drag along unhappy children and a husband who would rather be anywhere else. But with a good friend whose obsession with organization is unparalleled (seriously, Genghis Mom will put whatever home organization you have in place to shame) and with none of the parking and traffic woes, we were unencumbered in our exploration of Sweden’s third greatest gift to the world (falling behind (1.) progressive parental leave and (2.) ABBA). There was lots of time to look around and to talk and connect with an insightful, supportive person. It was just what I needed.

With iPhone in hand, I snapped along as we wandered around the store, capturing a few of the things that caught my eye….

a trip Ikea

I said no to this $7.99 felt Christmas tree, but it was a hard call to make.

Ikea lighting

So much fun the lighting – the bamboo piece in the lower left is a particular favorite of mine.

a trip to Ikea

The entire store smells like these cinnamon bun… clever, clever, Ikea.

a trip to ikea

I love this cow-inspired ottoman, but not its $280 price tag.

ikea plants

Plants, plants everywhere!






a trip to ikea

On top of my list for Ikea was this striped area rug

a trip to ikea

Carrots? Broccoli? If only these toys would get my daughter to eat spinach.

ikea trip

My son will find these notebooks in his Christmas stocking – perfect for his very own comic strip writing!

a trip to ikea

Vegetarian Ikea meatballs! Yum.

Are you heading to Ikea this holiday season? Tell me what you find – I’m always on the hunt for good deals!

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