A New Look for Red Shutters

Red Shutters is looking a little different, eh?

It’s a present to me–and you, too! A snazzy, new look with different features (that slider across the top of the home page!), a new logo (which I love), and new vibrancy. Thanks to Liz Henry of Geek Her for the design; she’s lovely to work with and brought terrific ideas to this process.

I’m looking forward to being more active on the blog in the coming weeks. The past few months have been a challenge to find inspiration. I’ve stayed away, believing it’s better to be quiet then put up a post that’s less than what I think it should be. But I’ve missed you. So, I’m coming back. I hope you’ll be here, too.


Red Shutters Blog Logo

  1. November 2, 2015
    • November 6, 2015