2015 Holiday Gift Ideas

2015 holiday gift ideasMy kids put together their holiday gift list last week. I gave them instructions to suggest four items for Santa and Mommy and Daddy to consider. My husband and I want to impress upon R and G that Christmas isn’t all about stuff. To my delight, they responded well to the guidance, and to the idea that what we’ll be celebrating this year is each other. Now when they talk about Christmas, they focus on playing with their cousins, visiting with their aunts and uncles, and seeing the new “Star Wars” movie—not opening lots of presents.

But we will have some presents under the tree, so I’ve taken their suggestions and my own thoughts and put together the following holiday gift ideas:

For an 8 Year Old Boy

The Story of King Arthur & His Knights – R and I are reading this book together now, and we’re lost in the tales of Arthur, Morgana la Fey, and Merlin.

Star Wars Death Star Perplexus – This is R’s top request for Christmas. It combines two of his loves: Star Wars and puzzles.

Spooner Boards Freestyle – We’re considering getting balances boards for R and his cousins for Christmas – perhaps it will help their downhill skiing technique?

Baseball Jersey – What boy (or girl!) wouldn’t love supporting his (or her) favorite sports team? That’s the Red Sox, of course, in our house.

For a 6 Year Old Girl

Zita the Spacegirl Series – Both my kids love these graphic novels about a girl heroine in outer space.

Beanie Boo – My daughter, who already has too many stuffed animals, has a Beanie Boo at the top of her holiday list; it’s all she wants. Will she get one? The jury is still out.

Art Kit – I’ve given art kits like this one as birthday gifts, and there are always a hit. Plus, it’s an easy way to support a child’s creativity.

Daisy Girl Scout Uniform for American Girl Doll – Now my Daisy Girl Scout and her American Girl Doll will match – which is pretty much the dream of every girl with an American Girl doll.

For the Family To Share

Uno Card Game – My family recently played Uno, and despite trash talking his sister throughout the game, my son lost. He’s demanded a rematch. I need to practice!

Scrabble Junior Game – When we need a break from Uno, here’s the next game for our family to try: Scrabble.

World Map Puzzle – 4,000 pieces may be ambitious, but, this way, my kids will definitely know their way around the globe.

Kindle Paperwhite – For our family to share…. Or for me?

To Give Back

The other part of the holidays for my family is giving back to our community. To that end, we’ll do our holiday giving at Christmastime, honoring local charities. Here are four we’ve supported in the past:

Community Servings

Greater Boston Food Bank

Pine Street Inn

Our Bodies Ourselves

What’s on your holiday list this year?

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