Are you ready for Mother’s Day?

are you ready for mother's dayAre you ready for Mother’s Day on May 10?

Are you taking your special person—whether she’s your mom or someone you care about—out for a delicious brunch or are you bringing her breakfast in bed?

Are you going big, surprising the mom in your life with something unexpected?

Are you spending the day outside, exploring a park or taking a walk along the beach?

Are you sending your lady to a spa for the day?

Whatever your plans, I’d recommend getting started soon now, so May 10 is a day focused on what Mother’s Day should be all about (at least according to THIS mother): saying thank you to the special person (or people) in your life.

For my mom and mother-in-law, we send flowers, and the kids make them cards, which are always appreciated. When we’re all together (some years we are, some years we aren’t), we have a lovely meal, usually dinner cooked by my husband. We enjoy being with one another and we look forward to the after-dinner show the kids inevitably put on (which involve a lot of dancing to Katy Perry).

For me, my husband has, over the eight Mother’s Days I’ve celebrated, planned a number of activities from high tea at a fancy hotel in Boston to a day exploring Salem, MA with a visit to the Peabody Essex Museum to a hike on a sunny day. The key element has been that we’ve had fun and done something different from the day-to-day.

I like the presents that come with Mother’s Day, too. (Let’s be honest: who doesn’t?)

The most important gifts that I get every Mother’s Day are new entries in my Mother’s Day journals. We started this tradition several years ago, and I adore it so much. Both kids have their own oversized journal filled with blank pages in which, a few days or weeks before Mother’s Day, my husband has them draw a picture, write me a story, or decorate it in any way they’d like. Their contributions have evolved from stubby little handprints to elaborate pictures, and they are special treasures that make me weepy every time I look at them. Sometimes, the homemade things are the very best.

That being said, unwrapping a gift someone has selected for you is also fun. I have been known to drop hints to my husband for my Mother’s Day gift—I admit it! Sometimes, he listens to me, but, more often, he gets creative. So, speaking of creativity, here are some ideas for those of you getting started on your Mother’s Day planning:

  • Nature: I love the idea of planting something that will add beauty to the yard for years to come, something the whole family can enjoy. One Mother’s Day, my husband gave me periwinkle hydrangeas, my favorite, for our backyard. I look forward to watching them bloom each spring. Perhaps a bush or tree would be a good fit for your mom? Or, if she’s an apartment dweller, how about a plant to add color and vibrancy to her home?
  • Ritual: Recently, I have become enamored with making a pot of tea, brewed from tea leaves (preferably this brand), to drink quietly over a good book or in the early morning hours when my family is sleeping. Perhaps the mom in your life would appreciate her special tea or coffee, or some other way to respect the rituals of her days?
  • Tools: How about a gift that makes Mom’s life easier or enriches her time with a favorite hobby? For example, you can buy her something for her kitchen, if she’s a cook (I’m rooting for a Vitamix, the snazziest blender I have ever seen, to make our healthy smoothies in a snap). Or knitting needles and yarn, if she knits? New sneakers, if she’s a runner? A subscription to a magazine she’s long admired, if she’s a reader? Think about a gift that she’ll use every day.
  • DIY: As I mentioned, my Mother’s Day journals are my favorite gift of all, and they represent the inexpensive, and often most heartfelt, option: do-it-yourself. Invite the kids to make mom a book of “coupons” for extra help with chores (or extra hugs and kisses). Let mom sleep in and then bring her breakfast in bed. Finally address the items on her honey do list. Clean out the garage. Watch a movie as a family and let her select the flick.

No matter what you do for the special mom or moms in your life, know that the intention is appreciated. We’re grateful for our families most of all; no matter how many diapers we change or runny noses we wipe, we wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything.

But presents are good. (Very good.)

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