Oh My Yog!, That’s Good!

I often joke that if you looked into my kids’ veins, you’d find yogurt.

When they were toddlers, they each went through a stage when yogurt was the only thing they would eat, so it was yogurt, yogurt, and yogurt all day long. Blueberry, strawberry, and banana. I always wondered if the cashiers at the grocery store thought there was something wrong with us—or that we owned a lot of stock in a yogurt company—when I’d pull my cart into their aisles and place container after container of yogurt on the conveyer belt.

Now, as elementary school age kids, R and G continue to eat yogurt every day, though not for every meal—I’ve managed to get some vegetables into them. Their commitment to yogurt, in fact, was the reason I was excited to become a Stonyfield Blogger, a member of the company’s Yo-Getter Ambassador program. It’s a perfect fit since Stonyfield has always been our preferred brand, due to its commitment to using organic products and working with local farmers.

oh my yog!

As a Yo-Getter member, Stonyfield recently invited my family to try one of their brand-new items: Oh My Yog!, the perfect name for what I am now referring to as the “champagne of yogurts.” Oh My Yog! is a trio of goodness: a cream top, then a layer a whole milk yogurt, and finally, at the bottom, the treasure of either fruit or vanilla. My kids and I tried the yogurt over breakfast one morning. G selected the Orange Cranberry, R ate the Apple Cinnamon, and I saved the Madagascar Vanilla Bean for myself. Other flavors include Wild Quebec Blueberry, Pacific Coast Strawberry, and Gingered Pear.

R inhaled his yogurt in seconds; “it’s delicious,” he said between gulps. It tasted exactly like apple pie; the only thing missing was the crust. G’s yogurt reminded me of Thanksgiving, with the combination of flavors conjuring up a table surrounded by family and the sweet/tart taste of cranberry sauce. “This is more than yogurt,” she exclaimed. “It’s delectable!” (She’s been reading a lot of Fancy Nancy books.) The vanilla was like dessert, smooth with a bit of sweetness, reminding me of ice cream, yet without as many calories.

G was right when she described Oh My Yog! as more than yogurt: it’s a special treat. One 6-ounce container contains 5 grams of fat and 190 calories. (For comparison, Stonyfield’s Chocolate Underground yogurt, a family favorite, has 0 grams of fat and 170 calories in a 6-ounce container.) I’d have Oh My Yog! on hand to quench a sweet craving, hiding it in the back of the refrigerator from my I-can’t-get-enough-yogurt kids.

I found Oh My Yog! at my local Whole Foods where it retailed for $1.99 a container. You can find the grocery store near you that carries Oh My Yog!, as well as other Stonyfield products, via this user-friendly product locator.

oh my yog kidsThe morning after our test taste, R opened the refrigerator and looked around. “Mommy, where’s that yummy yogurt?” He was disappointed we were all out and asked if I could get some more. We’re going to have to; that Gingered Pear sounds delectable indeed.

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Stonyfield. As a Yo-Getter Ambassador, at times, I receive free product from Stonyfield. As always, all opinions are my own.



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