2014 in Review

2014-in-reviewAs is the custom on New Years Eve, I’m looking back on how my year went–2014 in review. It was a fast year, a year that disappeared more quickly than I ever could have imagined. For my family, 2014 brought milestones (my son mastered reading; my daughter started kindergarten; they both are whizzing around on bicycles and skis) and memories we’ll treasure. For Red Shutters, it brought new readers, new topics to write about, and new opportunities to make connections and friendships with other bloggers I admire.

In 2014, I wrote 139 posts (including this one), an increase from 2013 (I wrote 103 posts that year). I completed NaBloPoMo, writing a post a day for 33 days straight.

Overall, Red Shutters’ readership in 2014 was the highest ever—thank you to you for making that happen! The posts that received the most page views (i.e., posts that were viewed the most by readers) in 2014 were:

  1. My Review of Instacart
  2. 5 Things to Do with Kids in Salt Lake City (a 2013 post that’s still very popular)
  3. Bye, Bye Frumpy. Hello Stitch Fix.
  4. An Unexpected Wedding Anniversary
  5. Three Tips to Rock the Lunchbox and a Giveaway! (This was also the post with the most comments in 2014.)
  6. What I Learned About Race at BlogHer14
  7. Strategies for Promoting the Sexual Safety of Young Children

Readers came from more than 100 countries, the most from the United States with Canada and Brazil not far behind. The top referring sites (i.e., places on the Internet that lead people to Red Shutters) were 1) search engines (people looking for a topic written about on Red Shutters or looking for Red Shutters directly), 2) Facebook, 3) Twitter, 4) Pinterest, and 5) Bloglovin.

Interestingly (and I have no idea why), I posted most often on a Friday (26 posts of my 139 posts went up that day), and most consistently during the month of November (for NaBloPoMo).

My Twitter followers leapt from 800 at the end of 2013 to nearly 1400 at the end of 2014. My Facebook page for Red Shutters in just under 300. (Help me get all the way there! Like the page today, if you haven’t already!) I’m also on Pinterest and Google+, too. Come find me there.

Speaking of leaps, check out my first infographic, another way to illustrate this year in review:


What does 2015 have in store for Red Shutters? More writing, the reason I’ve claimed this piece of the Internet after all. More readers, I hope. More chances to work with brands like Stonyfield and Wayfair. More connections with other writers and bloggers. Perhaps even more hours in the day, though that one may be somewhat of a stretch.

No matter what 2015 brings, to every person who has stopped here to read or comment on a post, who has told me how much they enjoy this blog, and who has shared something I’ve written with others, please know how very grateful I am for your support and encouragement. It has meant–and continues to mean–so much. Thank you.

I hope 2015 brings you and yours health and happiness and that the memories you make bring you joy.

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