A Wayfair Room Update

Thanks to the folks at Wayfair for sponsoring this room update post!

When we moved in our home three years ago, we were in the midst of renovations. It was exciting to see the changes in our house—updates to bathrooms and the kitchen, new wallpaper and paint, new windows, and much more—but it left me with little time, energy, or money to decorate. So, I did what any resourceful homeowner would do: I reused almost everything from our previous house.

In some rooms, this worked great; it other rooms, it was just OK. I knew I wanted to make changes. Specifically, I wanted to update our den. The red pillows and accessories in that room worked in our old house, a 1930s colonial, where red had been an accent color throughout the main living space. Our current (and last, I like to say) house is a mid-century modern ranch with an open floor plan. Blue and turquoise have replaced the red in our main area, making our den look out of date and disconnected to the other rooms. Yet, like everything else on my crazy long to do list, updating my den was something I was going to “get to”—someday.

Enter the wizards at Wayfair!

To my great pleasure, I was invited to check out Wayfair’s pillows and related accessories for a room update. Were they reading my mind?!

I decided to go with blue pillows for my den so as to continue my blue/turquoise color scheme and to kickstart the room update I had been long wanting. With this in mind, I got to play on the Wayfair site, looking through the many, many pillow options. So fun! I sorted by color, by price, and by shape. I selected two sets of two modern-style pillows in kid-friendly fabrics: the Chevron Cushions and the Larch Cotton Pillows.

My new pillows!

My new pillows!

The pillows arrived soon after I placed my order, and then I got to work.

First, I stripped all of the red from the room. This is what the den looked like before I started:


Let’s get rid of that red!

Second, I “shopped” my house, looking for new accessories that fit my blue color scheme.

Pillows can change a whole room!

Pillows can change a whole room!

Small changes on the other side of the room, too

Small changes on the other side of the room, too

I placed my new Wayfair pillows (1) on my sofa and then added in a landscape painting (2) I picked up at Brimfield, a lamp (3) I had in another room, two more pillows (5) from my living room which are similar in style to this one, and a blue and white box (4) I bought on my trip to India. I also kept a table (6) I picked up in Morocco years ago, and added other artwork (7) with blue in it.

I love it! Somehow, the room feels bigger (I think it might be because the pillows are the correct size for the sofa) and lighter.

I continue to tweak the room, adding new accessories and changing everything about almost on a daily basis (it’s a problem). I included a pouf like this one yesterday, and my kids love putting their feet on it while they sit on the sofa. A dear family friend knitted me a throw as a wedding gift, and I added that it to the room the other day. It looks a lot like this throw, adding a lovely softness and warmth for cold winter nights.

I’m inspired to make more changes now, too. A new paint color, perhaps? I’m thinking the walls should be white, so the blue can pop more. Remove that wood paneling? I have wanted to do that since we moved in! A new rug? I have a feeling this room will never be done—but that’s the fun part!

Want to add some new style to your home? Wayfair is offering Red Shutters readers a promo code for 15% off of any pillow, pouf, or throw. Enter the code WFPTP15 at checkout. The code is good November 20-24, so get shopping!

Disclosure: I received a gift card to shop the Wayfair website. All opinions in this post are mine!

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