Five Random Things About Me

The fabulous Phyllis of Napkin Hoarder recently tagged me to share five random things about me on the dear ‘ol Internet. Since I am not one to shy away from a challenge, here we go:

  1. There was an episode of “Sex and the City” in which Carrie shared that her “secret single behavior” was to stand in her kitchen, eating Saltines and reading Vogue. I totally understood what she meant; there are some things that you can only do when no one else in around. Mine is to a) organize a closet (I can’t enjoy it as much when someone is hovering about), b) binge watch a television series (likely something with a Sci-Fi element), or c) disappear into a great book (or two or three). Ideally, while drinking a hot cup of English Breakfast tea or a nice glass of pinotage.
  1. me_redshuttersA colleague at work is pregnant so I have been thinking recently about my pregnancies. When my son was in utero, I craved limeade from Trader Joe’s, shrimp, and avocado and tomato sliced together and sprinkled with kosher salt. Lettuce made me ill. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I’m not sure, with a toddler scooting around, I had the chance to crave anything. Perhaps pasta? But then again I always want pasta.
  1. I made my Christmas list already; I only want one thing: a new toilet for our master bath. So, boring! But—once a home renovator, always a home renovator.
  1. When I interview people for positions at my organization, I typically ask them what career they would like to have if money wasn’t an object and they wouldn’t have to go back to school for training. Essentially, I ask what their fantasy job would be. People invariably fall into two main categories: 1) “I want this job” (the one for which they are interviewing – I find this answer uncreative), or 2) “I’d like to start my own foundation and save the world.” I like the second option a bit more since it at least has some imagination and some do-gooder tendencies. A small number of people are outliers, throwing out something completely different: “I’d want to be…” a doctor, an architect, a pianist, or a ballerina. I love those answers the most; they are inspiring and are a window into the person’s character. Recently, I asked myself this question, and I realized it was hard. Even if it’s hypothetical, it’s scary to admit to your dreams; saying them aloud gives them power—and if you don’t pursue them? Are you letting yourself down? So, now I’m thinking of not asking the question anymore (since I’m struggling with it myself). If I really must answer (and that’s only fair, isn’t it?), perhaps the outliers are tapping into what they wanted to be as children. If that were the case, my answer would be astronaut, writer, or teacher.
  1. It’s no secret that I love to travel (check out my posts about my trip to India). What I really, really, really want to do is hit all seven continents. Antarctica and Australia are left to visit, and I am working on figuring out how I can get to each by my 50th birthday. (Please excuse me now while I sink into a depression over the fact I am planning for the big 5-0.) Perhaps I should put these trips on my long-term Christmas list; they’d be a lot better than a toilet!

I’m spreading the challenge on to Gina of Sister Serendip, Samantha of Keeping the Glass Half Full, Sarah of This Here Now, and Susan of Learned Happiness.


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