Roundup: Clouds, Parenting & Headstands

Happy Friday! As I travel around the web, I keep track of posts that “strike my fancy,” as they say, for my Roundup post. When I look at all of these together, though, I realize that it’s a funny little window into my brain.

1 | Have you heard about Zach Sobiech? Watch the clip below. His story is amazing: From Upworthy, This Kid is Going to Die. He is Also Going to Rock and He Needs Your Help 

2| Because every parent needs a first aid cheat sheet: From Love that Max, 12 Things I Learned in First Aid That You Oughta Know

3 | Because it’s beautiful: From Scary Mommy, Choosing Moxie 

4 | Written by a college friend and features one of my bucket list items: learning how to stand on my head! From This is Procrastination, Frustration & Fear

5 | Whoa: From the New York Times, Real Estate Envy Chain

6 | Because hanging art can be perplexing: From Style by Emily Henderson, How to Create a Focal Wall

7 | Something to think about: From Her Stories, How Personality Type Affects Your Mothering Style

8 | For your Memorial Day celebration: From the Kitchn, 10 Picnic Ready Salads to Eat Outside

9 | Because I love elephants: From Longform, The Longform Guide to Elephants

10 | A new blog I’ve discovered: From Funny is Family, 10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Marriage 

11 | Another post (you can see mine here), for the American Cancer Society, to honor caregivers: From Live Do Grow, Honoring Caregivers to Finish the Fight Against Cancer

12 | Good advice: From Chicago Now, Cancer Etiquette: How to Talk About It

13 | For my little girl who loves, loves, loves pink: From Centsational Girl, The Power of Pink

Have anything to add to this list? Tell me in the comments!

And, enjoy your long weekend!