A new day, a new Red Shutters

Red Shutters has moved to WordPress!Red Shutters is looking a little different today, isn’t it? Thanks to the team at Jellyfish Web, we moved from Blogger to WordPress.


This process took much longer than everyone thought, largely due to the lack of cooperation from the people (yes, you, eNOM!) who control URL transfers. Thanks for your patience this past week, as Red Shutters remained quiet while we sorted out all of the details.

This transfer is kind of like moving into a new house: you bring along your furniture (in this case, my posts, your comments), but the house (the software that runs the blog) is different, so you’re wondering if the water pressure will be good or if you can remember in which box you packed your shoes (in other words, can I figure it all out?).  So, forgive me as I stumble along over the next few weeks.

Why the change? As I neared my 500th post on this site (coming soon!), I started to think about the future of Red Shutters. It’s become more and more apparent that, as I make the transition from the little-blog-that-could to, hopefully, something more, having a professional and robust system for Red Shutters would be wise. It’s been interesting, of course, making this transition, as it inspired me to review my early posts from back when Red Shutters first started in 2008. Then, this was where I wrote about my kids so my mom would know about their latest milestones, but, over the past 18 months, largely as a result of getting more connected to the blogging world through Boston Parent Bloggers and other networks, Red Shutters has transitioned to a “lifestyle blog” (that’s how you describe a blog like mine that covers diverse topics, from parenting and travel to books and aging). What a joy it’s been to write more and to cultivate my own space on the “Interwebs,” as they say.

If you’ve bookmarked this blog, or if you read Red Shutters through a blog reader, please note our new address: https://test.redshuttersblog.com.

I’m grateful for my readers and hope you like the new Red Shutters. Thank you!

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