The Roundup: Legos, Guilty Pleasures and Laundry

We’re in the throes of coughing and stuffy noses at our house, which, of course, means I am dreaming of a tropical vacation, one with warm breezes and waves lapping over my toes while I sit on the beach and gaze at the sunset. Since such a trip is not in the cards, I’m distracting myself with fun things on the Internet. Here are some of my recent favorites…

1 | This Lego idea is so good (and simple) even my husband’s on board with it (and it requires a trip to Ikea).

2 | I’m loving this sweet little print. Perhaps for our kitchen?

3 | How would you react if you met Jack Nicholson? Probably the same as Jennifer Lawrence.

4 | Speaking of the Oscars, this post about The Onion’s disrespect of one of the nominees is fierce, raw, and powerful.

5 | My latest TV guilty pleasure? Scandal on ABC… do you watch it?

6 | Did you know you could paint your kitchen back splash tile? Now, I (and you, too) know how.

7 | Because I cannot get enough of ways to store all those Legos, here are more ideas.

8 | My daughter likes to help me sort and fold the laundry. This post covers ways to get little ones to help around the house. (If only it came with a guaranteed way to get her to still like to do laundry in her teens…)

9 | This post inspires me to have a party (and a party closet). How about you?

10 | Who doesn’t need another delicious cookie recipe? These ginger chocolate chunk cookies sound perfect for a snowy day.

Photo credit: visualpanic via photopin cc

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  1. February 27, 2013