Weekly Roundup: Science, Love and Cupcakes

One of the joys of the Internet is that there’s always something to read. Some of it’s great, some of it’s less than memorable. I like to highlight the good stuff, so here’s my Weekly Roundup of the interesting-items-that-caught-my-eye….

I heard Modchik speak at a conference last year and have enjoyed her photography ever since. This story about her niece is heart-wrenching. {Read her story here.}

A big shout-out to my friend, Melissa, for being featured in Precipice! {Read her interview here.}

I’m loving this idea for Christmas. What a sweet way to commemorate your home. {Learn more here.}

I always struggle with how to display mementos from special occasions. {Here’s a great way to do so.}

Love this! Cupcakes that are homespun and elegant at the same time. {Here’s how to make them.}

A profile of one our most famous “brain doctors,” Oliver Sacks. {Learn about him here.}

20 parenting tips, some of which I knew, some of which I didn’t. I love how we help one another by sharing our lessons learned; it makes this big world feel a little smaller. {Find out more here.}
What would you add? Mine is (not surprising) books. Always carry books in your bag to entertain (and occupy) your little ones.

Ever hear of John Maddox Prize? It’s for people who stand up, no matter the risk, for science. Meet the first two winners. {Read about it here.}

Interviews with two leading women in science about the “strength, power, and responsibility” that comes with their roles. {Learn about them here.}

And, last by definitely not least, this is indeed the best marriage proposal ever (my own notwithstanding). {Watch it here.}

Have a great week! Hope it’s filled with special memories.

photo credit: Shandi-lee via photopin cc