The Roundup Returns

Not 100% relevant to this post,
just a cool ship I spotted on a recent shopping trip

The Roundup is back!

I used to run a feature on Red Shutters where I shared what I was reading, looking at, and loving on the world wide web. The Roundup, as it’s called here, took a vacation for a while (Perhaps it went to Aruba? Or, Mauritius? Who knows, but it wasn’t here…), but I’m bringing it back. I enjoyed sharing what I like, and I hope, through the Roundup here on Red Shutters, you enjoy what I find. Here goes…

“You serve best by doing the things you love most”

Making tough choices about blogging

A lovely recap about the blogging conference I attended last weekend as well as another post with super helpful take away tips

A crash course in taking great photos

-I’m already dreaming of Christmas. Here’s a present idea for me (hint, hint, dear husband).

Encouragement (via Mom, always the best)

A fun idea for children’s art

A challenge to declutter

Look for the Roundup every week or so. And, catch up on previous posts in this series here.

Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable 
when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party. 
–Jimmy Buffett
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