Nora Ephron, Romance, and More Thoughts on Aging

Last night, I read with sadness that the writer and director Nora Ephron has died.

Ephron wrote the movie, “When Harry Met Sally,” which is a favorite of mine. It’s one of those movies, along with “Star Wars” and “Dodgeball,” that I can watch over and over. It still makes me laugh after all of these years. And, it’s so hopeful. It shows us that love can be found in unexpected places, including with people we’ve known for a long time. 
This, of course, always makes me think of my college boyfriend, who ended up marrying one of my sophomore year suitemates. He met her while we were dating and they lost contact when we all went our separate ways after college. They were re-introduced years later and got married. They now have four children. People always look at me suspiciously when I tell the story. They met while you were dating? they’ll ask, with a raised eyebrow that seems to imply there was more going on that just a casual hello. But, I think it’s terribly romantic: the idea that someone can have a minor role in your life doing one period and then, later on, become your true love and life partner. It makes every relationship one of great potential. 
Back to the movie…. one of my favorite scenes is when Sally’s ex tells her she’s getting married, and she breaks down. (You can watch it here. ) It’s when she says “I’m going to be 40” that I always get a chuckle… I remember seeing this movie for the first time at 17 or 18 and thinking how far away 40 was. Now, with days left in my 30s, this scene is still comical, though, perhaps, a bit more unnerving!  
Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim. 
-Nora Ephron

Image Credit: 4thfullmoon via photo pin cc