What’s in your bag?

Today I’m linking up to other bloggers through a “What’s in your bag?” party, organized by Nice Girl Notes. I’ve never done a link-up party before, so I’m kind of curious about it all. Here goes…

1-My bag, it’s a Longchamp, and I love it. It’s big and can hold anything. Plus, I designed this one myself on the Longchamp site, selecting the colors and even adding my initials.
2-My trusty Le Sport Sac catch-all. This is where I stash my makeup (you can see my lipstick on top), band-aids, hand sanitizer, and the things not suitable for sharing online.
3-Brochures from Lowes and Home Depot (now you know what I did this weekend) and a page I tore out of a design magazine while waiting for my mom at the doctor’s last weekend (and yes, now, you know that I’m that person).
4-My planner (for personal commitments and to do lists), my house renovation notebook (to keep track of what the contractor’s up to), and the work I brought home from the office (that I didn’t get to this weekend).
5-My wallet, a present from my brother one Christmas (he’s a generous guy).
6-Gift cards, my Costco card, and the other items that cannot fit in the fancy wallet shown in #5.
7-Pens. I have no idea why all of the pens in my house end up in my bag, but they do.
8-My super-fancy-awesome Tory Burch sunglasses, again courtesy of my brother.
9-My Blackberry charger. Where my Blackberry is, though, I have no idea.
10-Receipts from my weekend shopping expeditions and a brochure about a Chinese opera coming to Boston (perhaps the kids would like it?).
I don’t have a particularly snazzy bag; it’s functional. I dream about a snazzy bag, though. I keep a separate diaper bag for the kids, so sippy cups, wipes, and diaper cream go somewhere else. I end up looking like a bag lady if I carry them both together, but it protects me from having apple juice on that very grown-up wallet my brother gave me.
So, now that you know what I’m carrying around, what’s in your bag?
As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.
–Victor Hugo

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