Weekly Roundup

“Mommy, what are Martian dogs?” asked R on the way to school the other day.
“Hmmm, I guess they’re dogs that live on Mars,” I answered carefully.
“Are they real?” he replied.
“What do you think?” I asked (I know, cheating, but I hadn’t had any coffee yet).
“No, Mommy, they’re make believe,” he admonished me (how did I not know that?).
There’s a lot of “is that real or make believe” going on in my house. Lying has also started (though it could be that I’ve just started to catch on). Primarily, it’s been “No, I didn’t hit my sister/take her toy.” Is that what happens at 4? A new understanding of truth? Martian dogs I can deal with; I can pass on the lying preschoolers.
One thing that I cannot pass on is our Weekly Roundup! As you know, in my “free” time, I am trying to decorate the new house (if I only I could find my camera to show you what’s going on…it must be packed with my shoes somewhere….), so many of my links are house related….
Have a wonderful (and snow-free) weekend!
“F is for fake-believe.”
–They Might Be Giants