Monthly Archive:: July 2011

My baby is 2!

My baby is two years old today! The celebration started yesterday.  Cake and celebration with the cousins;  here’s G with cousin E, who is visiting from Europe.  Here’s G getting into the cake. And, here’s Nana, showing the cake, with its intricate underwater theme, to ...Read More

Weekly Roundup

We’re at the beach this week, and ohmygosh, did I need a week away! There’s something about being surrounded by wonderful people, spending afternoons swimming, and listening to little children laugh that just makes everything all right. If I could have left the Blackberry ...Read More

Wordful Wednesday: Cousins

My son talks about his cousin, K, who lives in sub-Saharan Africa, very far away from our home, all the time (this is not an exaggeration). The two have one big adventure each summer when K comes back to the US for an extended family visit. This is ...Read More

Some Blog News

Finally! For months, I have bemoaned Red Shutters‘ lack of a header. My poor little blog, I feared, had no snazz, jazz, or creativity. These are all concepts that I struggle with on a daily basis, so it should come as no surprise that ...Read More

Weekly Roundup

“Mommy, is the Incredible Hulk good?” asked my almost 4-year-old the other morning. I had to think quickly (sans caffeine) and ignore the many questions that popped into my head (how does he know who the Hulk is? why are preschoolers so interested in ...Read More

Wordful Wednesday

Hydrangeas are my favorite part of summer.  I’m partial to the blue ones;  they make me think of Cape Cod and the ocean. When we moved into our house five years ago,  we had a big open spot in the backyard.  It just called out ...Read More