The Wonders of Chalk

A few months ago, I found this chalk–Crayola Giant Chalk–on sale at Target (you can see the price tag on the box below). Since I am not one to turn down a chance to get a deal, I snatched it up, and gave it to G for Easter.

The weather was good the other day, so we opened up the box and had at it.

 It was a hit.

Though, I learned a few lessons for next time…… 1. When handed chalk, a toddler will immediately put it in her mouth. While this seems obvious, I was still surprised! So, close supervision is advised.

2. The chalk dust gets everywhere, so dress appropriately (i.e., don’t, like me, dress in clothes for the office). But, the chalk really is washable, so you’ll be OK if your pants suddenly are covered in green stripes because your preschooler thinks it’s funny to write on you.

3. It’s fun to do with everyone in the family (see Nana above getting into the mix). 

 4. When the instructions recommend testing on a small corner of the driveway or sidewalk first, do as they say. I didn’t do that and didn’t had time to rinse off the kids’ drawings. Our driveway was covered in pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue for a week or so until it rained (though I really didn’t mind).

Mostly, though, enjoy yourself! Get on the ground and draw with your kids. This adventure was all part of my goal to add more creativity into our lives. I realized it doesn’t always have to be a complex art project; scribbling on the driveway is great, too!
Every chid is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
–Pablo Picasso