"I have a hypothesis!"

If I could wish
For just one dish
My greatest wish would be for fish!
-Tiny Pteranodon*

Robby has a new friend: Buddy, Tyrannosaurus Rex. (That’s Buddy on the table with Robby tonight at dinner.)

Buddy is a character on the PBS cartoon, Dinosaur Train, which is the #1 watched show in our house.  We’re all fans; in fact, it’s a tie for the biggest fan between Rob and Robby. 
I know people who don’t let their kids watch TV, and I’m in awe. The 20 minutes a day we get while the kids watch Dinosaur Train is the perfect amount of time to empty the dishwasher/finish getting ready/make sure our sanity is intact.  Plus, it’s a good show. The kids are learning about all kinds of dinosaurs and related animals (do you know what a cretoxyrhina is?), different kinds of families (Buddy is adopted), new friends, and trains (Buddy and his family travel on a special train through different geologic periods), and more. Plus, the music is good, the writing is clever, and it’s not annoying. You just can’t say that about a lot of kids’ television. 
We’re really selective about what the kids watch. Other than Dinosaur Train, the kids can watch Sesame Street (a classic and Gwendolyn loves Elmo), Harold and the Purple Crayon, They Might Be Giants’ DVDs for kids (a tie for #1 in our house), Thomas the Tank Engine (Ringo! Alec! George!), and Handy Manny (a nice match for the Spanish classes Robby is taking in preschool). Occasionally, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will get in there, but I’m not the one who makes that On Demand selection. 
If you have preschoolers and haven’t yet tried Dinosaur Train, I’d recommend it. Can’t decide? I’ve included a clip below. 

*Tiny is Buddy’s sister.
**”I have a hypothesis!” is a favorite saying of Buddy’s.