Santa Baby

Lessons learned from our first Santa photo session… 
1. Make sure your kid’s clothes don’t clash. (Gwendolyn matched in person–honest!–but somehow her green and pink outfit didn’t translate well in the picture.) In fact, use this opportunity to haul out the holiday clothes and dress them up. I don’t know what I was thinking. 
2.  Get on line early. We arrived at 10 AM on Sunday, when Santa opened his photo-taking-booth in the mall, and were surprised to see how many families were ahead of us. We shouldn’t have been. Everyone had the same idea. 
3. Pack snacks. Even though you may have followed the advice in #2, the wait can be long. Be prepared.
4. Consider bribery. Candy cane? Toy? TV? Use any technique, within reason, of course, to get your toddler to smile–or to at least not look shell shocked. 
5. Most importantly, go with the flow. No matter how much planning you do, kids can get freaked out by Santa and all of the holiday fuss. When that happens, your picture may not end up exactly as how you envisioned, but it really doesn’t matter. Being together and celebrating your family is what’s truly important.
Happy Holidays!
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  1. November 30, 2010