Overhead at my house…

The kids have been super chatty this week, and it’s proving to be very interesting, as a result. 
From Robby, 3 years old (that’s him above at the dentist’s this week):
  • When I grow up, I can drink coffee.
  • I’m not God, you know.
  • What’s “old” mean?
  • Mommy, sometimes people die. 
  • I have a toad in my throat. (After he cleared his throat very strenuously, I told him he had a frog in his throat, and he said no, he had a toad. This, from some reason, cracked me up.)
From Gwendolyn, almost 16 months:
  • Thank you (my personal favorite–if I do nothing else right this week, I got my toddler to say thank you!)
  • Poopy
  • Cow
  • Moooo
  • Book
As you can imagine, Gwendolyn’s words are much easier to manage!