Happy Halloween!

I hope your Halloween has been just the right mixture of sweet and scary. 
Our trick or treaters embraced the holiday spirit….. 
Gwendolyn’s second Halloween…
Here she is, getting ready for school on Thursday. 
 Several weeks ago, Robby expressed a very strong preference to be Batman. Here, he is, our very own superhero, all ready for a Halloween brunch at his friend Trevor’s house. 

Gwendolyn was a fairy, one of two Halloween costumes she enjoyed, at the aforementioned brunch, where, rumor has it, 22 children were in attendance. And, no meltdowns…amazing. 


Today, Gwendolyn really embraced the spirit; check out those tights!

I couldn’t resist: even her bloomers were orange!
Robby channeled Batman very well, and announced that he could fly. 
Thankfully, he didn’t try. 

Here’s Batman looking for candy–and we hadn’t even left the house! 
Tigger, Gwendolyn’s second costume, was perfect for the chilly New England evening. We went to one house as a family: our next door neighbors, Luke and Flo, who were, as always, very gracious and loving with the kids. Plus, they gave out pretzels! Brilliant–on my list for 2011. Rob and Robby trick or treated for about a half hour while Gwendolyn and I stayed home to give out candy (and hide all of the M&Ms in the house for Mommy). Now, if we could only get Batman to fall asleep…