Catching Up

It’s been a busy few weeks, which has resulted in a neglected blog. Apologies, readers.
I’m also trying out the new Blogger templates. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.
Some recent photos….
G, Memorial Day Weekend at Nana’s, 10 months

The first picture of G standing! She pulled herself up for the first time this day–in the wagon unfortunately, nearly giving me a heart attack.

R, Memorial Day Weekend, 2 years 8 months
“Would you like to wear the hat?” asked the fireman.
“No, too big,” replied R. Well, he was right about that.

Stair buddies (And for those who are concerned: Daddy took the picture, while Mommy held up G)

“Cause I’m a cowgirl, and on a steel horse I ride…”

I really, really like to pull myself up—anywhere, anytime.

I made this! The picture is not great, but this is the ottoman I made in upholstery class. It’s now Robby’s “special chair” and G’s favorite place to practice standing.

My house, 1976-1986, NJ–we took a visit back in June while at my cousin’s wedding

My Elementary School—I went here K-6, and it looks exactly the same as I remember.
Go Argentina! World Cup fever has hit our house

“It’s a little family,” R said as I took the picture.
June, our backyard

Rob and the kids
Father’s Day 2010, our backyard

Rob, his little girl, and our hydragenas
Father’s Day 2010, our backyard

Our little girl is growing up! She’ll be one this month. Amazing…..
Happy 4th of July! Have a great holiday!