Overhead at naptime today…

After an hour of trying to persuade someone to sleep: “No nap, Mommy.”
“Go back to bed, love. Mommy is not having a nap-free day.”
Much discussion ensues. Finally, exasperated, I bribe.
“If you take a substantial nap, Mommy will give you a treat.”
“Treat? What treat? Is it a truck?” asks R.
“No, not a truck. It’s something you can eat.”
“Ice cream?”
“No, not ice cream.”
“A sandwich?”
“No, it’s better than crackers.”
Pause, some thinking, and then: “Mommy, what substantial nap?”
Quickly, looking at the clock: “An hour and a half, Robby. An hour and a half of sleeping.”
Two hours of sleep later, a refreshed Mommy and a happy toddler, discovering chocolate chips for the first time, had a very nice afternoon.