Our Little Artists

Tonight was the Art Show at the kids’ school. They’ve been working on their contributions for months (well, not the babies), and the unveiling was an event for everyone–teachers, children, and families.

R’s classroom, the Toddlers, had been studying four great artists, in particular: Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Jim Henson, and Andy Warhol. Their art pieces were inspired by each and were terrific!

R standing in front of his homage to Warhol. That’s him in the pictures!

He really liked these pictures (we did, too)!

His Rocky Balbao pose (more on this later)

He enjoyed this one a lot.

R made a puppet, a la Jim Henson, and G and Rob got a big kick out of it.

R taking a moment during the festivities.

R as Rocky Balbao! The teachers had each child dress up to look like a famous statue and then they created these cut outs. They really captured each child’s personality; one girl was the Statue of Liberty, a boy was Abraham Lincoln, another was The Thinker, and more. They were really great!
And, just in case, here’s the real Rocky statue…
Looks a lot like R, right?

R also made a sculpture.

His Impressionist period…R’s picture is on top.

Another nod to Monet….though R’s inspiration was trucks, not flowers.

Another piece, this one inspired by Picasso (that’s R’s profile in the center)
The babies had contributions, too: a collage of pictures featuring each child and celebrating different colors. We’ll try to share those at another time.
Many thanks to the children’s teachers for a wonderful evening!