We were thrilled to see They Might Be Giants in concert on Sunday. They performed a benefit concert for Boston By Foot, a non-profit that provides walking tours of the city and happens to have been founded by one of the mother of one of the members.
Rob and I both were fans of TMBG when we were teenagers (they’ve been around since the ’80s; here’s one of their classics from (gasp!) 1990), and have re-discovered them now that we have kids, as they are the wizards behind some of the best children’s music we’ve ever heard (check out Here Comes the 123s, Here Comes the ABCs, and Here Comes Science). Here’s an example of their genius, one of favorites, which they played on Sunday!
We were joined by friends, and the highlight of the concert was definitely watching the kids dance in the aisle of the theatre. Unfortunately, we couldn’t capture that, but we were able to get a few snapshots of the fun…

Getting ready for the concert to start.
The stage at the Regent Theatre before the show started.
G woke up just in time.

She couldn’t keep her eyes away from the performance.

We had great seats.

R was captivated, and wouldn’t cooperate for a picture.

He kept his eyes on TMBG.
I have to confess that this kids’ show was one of best times I’ve ever had at a music concert–it was even better than U2 last fall (sorry Bono!).
To give you a taste of the TMBG’s magic, here’s another favorite:
R and G’s first concert! So much fun–for all of us!