The Search for Bliss

Deepak Chopra

Apparently, not my kid. 
My definition of bliss has changed quite a bit since the kids came along. It used to be that my all-time favorite blissful moment was the Princess massage on our Malaysian honeymoon (but this isn’t that kind of blog). Now, the perfect moment of bliss is a weekend morning spent cuddling in bed with warm, soft, sweet little people. A very close second is sleep. Preferably uninterrupted. Since Gwendolyn can’t crawl away from me, I’m pretty much guaranteed some cuddle time, so blissful moment number one is under control. Number 2, however, requires some attention. 
Gwendolyn hits 12 weeks on Thursday. I haven’t slept well since 2008 (it was a rough pregnancy sleep-wise). We’re ready for this kid to learn how to sleep through the night consistently. I know I’m being a bit optimistic — after all, I have one friend whose kids didn’t sleep through the night until close to a year and other friends whose 18 month old still can’t do it — but I have high hopes for my second. She did it four weeks ago: she left us stunned by sleeping 8 hours one night (five weeks ahead of when her big brother did it, by the way). Now, unfortunately, she seems to be regressing, waking up several times each night and fighting us when we try to put her down. It’s time to sleep train, I decided. So, here we are on day 2. 
It’s not going so well. Last night, we started by including Gwendolyn in Robby’s night-time routine of bath, book, cuddle, and sleep. Afterward, I spent 90 minutes going up and down the stairs to the bedroom to sooth her, only to get her to sleep for 45 minutes. And, then wake up—wide awake. We brought her back downstairs, and I nursed her again. She fell asleep at 9:45 PM and slept until 1:30 AM. I nursed her, held her for about an hour, and then placed her back down. She woke up almost immediately. I nursed her again and then put her down. She slept from about 3:30 to 6:00 AM. I nursed her again, and she slept until about 7:15 AM. Not enough restful sleep for anyone, though Rob seemed to snore/sleep through the wake-ups. 
We’re on our second night of sleep training. She got a bath, cuddle, and was nursed. She slept for 45 minutes, starting at 7:00 PM. As I write this post (8:50 PM), Gwendolyn is screaming, and Rob is searching for another pacifier for her. She’s tired, I’m frustrated, and I pray that she falls asleep after the next feeding and dazzles us with another night of 8 hours of sleeping. Heck, I’ll take 7, or even 6. 
Stay tuned for more on our quest for bliss…..