Overheard at Grandma’s

This morning at breakfast….

“Robby, what does milk do for you?” asks Grandma. “It gives you strong what?”

“Bones!” answers Robby.

Yesterday, at dinner time…..

“I am going to miss you,” Grandma says to me, referencing our departure today from her house (the kids and I have been visiting for a week) and giving me a hug. Robby looks up and yells, “My Mommy!” (There’s a lot of mine these days.)

“She’s my daughter,” explains Grandma. “And has been that way for a lot longer than she’s been your Mommy.”

There’s a pause as Robby considers this information. Then, without missing a beat, he shouts, “My daughter! My daughter!”

“My daughter,” responds Grandma.

“My daughter!” answers Robby. (And this back and forth continues until Grandma and I dissolve into giggles.)

In other new vocabulary news….

In addition to stringing together three and four word sentences, Robby has added the following words and phrases to his vocabulary:

  • Halloween, Ghost, Scarecrow, Pumpkin
  • Blimp
  • I need that.
  • I think so.
  • Uh-oh that? (His version of what’s that?)
  • Bamboo (or bam-bomp)
  • Antoinette (My Aunt Antoinette came for a visit yesterday and when Robby woke up from his nap, she had left. He looked around and said “Where Antoinette?”)
  • Baobab (as in the tree)
  • Knock knock, who’s there at Grandma’s house? (His response to learning about trick or treating)

The best in words….

Oh, but by far, the best thing he said all week was last night at dinner when Grandma gave him more pasta. “Thank you, Grandma,” he said sweetly without prompting. Ah…..lovely.