2 & 2

Today we visited the pediatrician for Robby and Gwendolyn’s 2 year and 2 month check-ups. Not sure I’ll schedule their appointments together again–it was awfully loud in our examination room!–but the kids, despite some tears, did very well. Here are the stats:

Robby, 2 years old
34 1/4 inches tall — almost 3 feet!
33 1/2 pounds
This places our darling boy in the 50th percentile for height and the 95th percentile for weight. He’s doing great. He loves “Thomas the Tank Engine,” playing with his toys (especially the trucks and buses), and reading his books. His favorite foods are ketchup (yup, ketchup), all fruits, and chicken (or soy) nuggets). He is speaking in sentences, his most recent being “Wake up Baby Gen” (his name for Gwendolyn). 
Gwendolyn, 2 months (9 weeks tomorrow)
22 1/4 inches long — almost 2 feet!
13 pounds
Our baby girl is in the 50th percentile for height and the 90th percentile for weight (see a pattern here?).  For comparison’s sake, it’s interesting to note that Robby was 24 1/4 inches long at 2 months (also the 90th percentile, but for boys), and he weighed 15 1/2 pounds (the 95th percentile). Gwendolyn is a smiley baby and very cuddly. She is working on sleeping longer at night (8 hours last week, 6 hours this week) and is a big fan of her swing.
Despite a cold that is sweeping its way through the house (thanks day care!), the kids are doing well, and we are grateful each and every moment for them.