Today, as we celebrate, our nation’s birth, America’s very own Independence Day, I can’t help but honor a different kind of independence: the diagnosis of remission from cancer my mom received two days ago. 

For those who don’t know, my mom, Judi, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2006. She showed amazing courage and strength through multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy that year, blowing us all away with her ability to face, head on, a very, very scary disease. She made it into remission, only to be re-diagnosed right before Christmas 2008. We somehow had a normal holiday–probably the distraction provided by the baby–and all started off 2009 hopeful and positive. 
After 8 rounds of chemo, my mom got the all clear on Thursday. While she’ll need a surgical procedure in September to remove what is left of her tumor, her oncologist, she said, was “very excited” about her prognosis. You don’t usually hear that! 
As I am weeks away from baby #2, my daughter, I am in awe of the example my mother sets for us. Her spirit and her joyful outlook are an inspiration. I love her a lot and am so proud of her latest accomplishment. 
Happy Independence Day! May the holiday bring you and yours something special to celebrate. 
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