Language & Ladies

Robby’s vocabulary has exploded since his tubes were put in last month (12th ear infection last week notwithstanding). He’s been babbling and chatting for a while, but now we can actually understand him. Some highlights:

  • It’s a rock.
  • Where’s the ball?
  • Cow (as opposed to just mooooo)
  • Violet (the name of his sweet friend at daycare)
  • Elbow (tonight during bath…not sure why, but this one cracks me up most of all)
  • Walk
We’re fascinated by everything he says, and I’m continually amazed when he talks. Wasn’t he a baby just the other day? He’s clearly a little boy now.
Speaking of little boys, another way we know he’s growing up is his great interest in the opposite sex. Two weeks ago, during dance class, Robby was crawling through a plastic tunnel (it was clear so parents could watch) when he came upon his little friend E. (I’m using initials to protect the innocent) who had entered through the other side. Immediately, some kissing began, and that kissing quickly evolved into a full on make out session! Later that day, during a play date with A., Robby also went in for some lip-to-lip action, and then two days later, while we were visiting friends, Robby tried kissing (with some success) the older (by 2 years) daughter, M. He’s been known to try to kiss his teachers at daycare as well. Seems like we’re going to have to have the “birds and bees” talk sooner rather than later…..This boy clearly likes the ladies!