Be the Match

I have to do a plug today for an important and lifesaving service: Be the Match from the the National Bone Marrow Program. I recently received my “please update your contact information” request and continue to be impressed by the work of this organization. 

Through Be the Match, you can sign-up to be a donor for someone who has leukemia or related illnesses. I’ve been on the registry for 10 years now, and while I have never been tapped to donate, I have one friend who has successfully served as a donor and another who is alive today because of a bone marrow transplant. While it’s amazing what science can do, it’s even more amazing that people will give of themselves like this to strangers. In a time like this, when the news is full of war and hatred, it’s inspiring to remember the good that can exist in us all and that our commitment to one another can exceed just about anything.