Why can’t I just call her Skippy?

Our baby girl is scheduled to arrive in just about 17 weeks, which, I must say, is really not far away. We have things to do before she makes her big appearance, such as find a double stroller and move Robby to the guest room (he and the baby will eventually share that space). But, the biggest “to do” by far, is to select a name for our little “Skippy.”

Girls’ names are hard. Very hard. We, by the way, had a boy’s name all picked out for this baby. As for a girl’s name? We’re back at where we were with Robby. We’re reviewing the same names, in fact. And, we need help! Have a girl’s name you like (but didn’t use for your own kids)? Feel free to share, please! Otherwise, this little one may just be called Skippy after all.

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