A post about work (yup, work)

Perhaps you have noticed that I don’t blog about work? I don’t because, well, it’s my professional life, and I like to keep that separate from my personal life (we have a blog at work, too). Plus, posting about work puts you on a slippery slope if you have a tough day (or weeks, like I have had this month) and you just want to vent…one little comment can turn into a full-blown rant, which can easily deteriorate relationships in the office. And, I respect the people I work with way too much to let that happen.

So, I don’t blog about work. But, today, I have to make an exception. My talented co-worker, Catherine Rogers, labored for several months on the development of a video to commemorate PRIM&R‘s 35th anniversary this year, and it’s just been posted to YouTube. She did a terrific job, and the video is a wonderful way to celebrate the milestone and honor the hundreds of people who have helped PRIM&R grow and succeed since its 1974 founding. Kudos to Catherine!

Here’s the video…..